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Journey into the secrets of Egypt

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

I offer you a journey along the mysteries of the Nile in the heart of Ancient Egypt. Egyptian traditions have undoubtedly inspired our modern visions of magic and the spiritual makeup of being. The Egyptian mysteries are numerous but one in particular stands out as one of the constituents of this ancient society, namely Death.

Omnipresent, it dictates the way in which Egyptians live. From a very young age, we begin preparations for this great passage that is death. Unlike our modern visions, this one is not feared and rejected, but rather hoped for in glory. The wealthiest can afford the use of servants of the Ka who will preside over the embalming and funeral rites, while the poorest will not have the honor of having the traditional 40 days of embalming and all the ritual complexity necessary for a good death.

To understand this, we must understand what the Egyptians considered death to be. The beyond is not seen as an unknown and distant world, but simply the other side of our material plane. Thus the dead and the gods are supposed to live in the same place which we call the Western world while the rest of us living still reside in the Eastern world. These two worlds intersect and intertwine and sometimes mingle.

We then fear that at any moment a God will appear in our world to take us to the West, or to punish us.

The gods are thus feared and the goal of all existence is to prepare all parts of oneself in order to have a body " spiritual " powerful for when we cross the separation between the visible and the invisible. At the end of our material existence we perform the ritual of the return of the Ba aiming to reunite the embalmed Djet (body) and the Ba (the soul), as well as many other components such as the Shout (shadow), the Ren ( name), Heka (magnetism or magic)…Etc. The operation aims to provide us with all our attributes for when we have to sail into the world of the dead.

This vision is very interesting because it highlights the immortality of the soul and the connection that we maintain with the energetic world during our lifetime. We then have the responsibility to initiate ourselves, to learn, to protect our body, our power, our ether... in order to be able to work in peace on the other side of life. Judgment is then no longer in the same place as in the religions of the Book, arbitrated by others with the aim of judging our actions after the fact but rather in daily life with the fear, or perhaps rather the Faith, of maintaining the harmony within oneself to achieve peaceful and pleasant immortality. What follows is a deep respect, even a veneration of the deceased, things that we have unfortunately totally forgotten these days, because they still exist, are still alive in the West and can help us.

This vision of death is both beautiful and inspiring because it leads us to think that our deceased are still here, and that we ourselves will continue our initiation and our work after our death. Magic is therefore perhaps there to teach us how these energetic and spiritual processes work, so that when we arrive on the other side we are already complete ! The incompleteness of our modern and Western lives perhaps lies in the abandonment of the sacred in our society. We only live for the living when we are and only discover the symbiosis of the visible and the invisible once locked in the beyond, for the majority. We can more easily understand the trouble that certain departed souls can have when they  find themselves on the other side without understanding or knowing how to work.

We sincerely believe that the practice of magic is in no way esoteric in the sense of a science reserved for an elite “ pseudo ”. It is simply the learning of our divine, energetic, spiritual nature..., and whatever the name, this part of ourselves which survives our body, the memory of our deaths and the reminiscence of a non-material existence.

We now invite you to cross the sacred river that is the Nile to reveal to you a practice of Egyptian magic allowing you to discover and touch this Heka, or magical power that we all have. The Nile is a sacred river under the governance of Hâpy, bearer of all nourishment, that of the soul and the body but it also has protective and healing virtues.

Here I offer you the practice of Hâpy bathing:   

Fill three glasses of water :

In the first pour of clay saying: “ O Hâpy, you who animates the life of the arid lands of Egypt and who heals the wounds and sufferings of men and of the gods, made of this clay on which your Nile flows, the healing earth that my Djet needs.

In the 2nd pour honey saying : “ O Hâpy, you who make the lands of Egypt prosperous and generous and who make fruits and wheat grow in abundance, make this sweet nectar the foretaste of my Heka's prosperity."

In the 3rd pour milk saying  : « O Hâpy, by the power of your Nile and by the will of the gods of immortal Egypt, may this milk caress my Ba and make it attentive to the will of the powerful Re ".

Pour the three glasses successively over your head before taking a shower. This rite will ideally be practiced once a month to attract the blessing of Hâpy. 

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