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Initiation course

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I’M INTRODUCING HIGH MAGIC The “initiation” course was designed to transmit the fundamental knowledge of esotericism in its theoretical and practical aspects. Henri Chemin compiles more than 15 years of research and 10 years of teaching in this training. EVERY WEEK I RECEIVE MY NEW COURSE Find your animated video course every week in your Student Space. Each video course comes with a course book (pdf) for study and practice. WE SUPPORT YOU FROM A to Z Every week, validate your knowledge using online assessments. You have questions ? We answer them in video form in our brand new Interactive FAQ system! At any time during your training you can also send an email to Henri Chemin or book a private lesson. ESOTERISM – PHILOSOPHY – METAPHYSICS – SPIRITUALITY During the year you will explore and experience numerous subjects of esoteric sciences such as: Kabbalah, candle magic, clairvoyance and even disenchantment. All this while discovering authors and their founding texts such as Franz Bardon, Helena Blavatsky, Papus, Alice Bailey and Eliphas Levi. A REVOLUTIONARY PRICE We have created an initiation to thinking about the deepest questions of our existence at the cost of simple leisure. 1 year of training from €46 per month. With the no-obligation offer, stop your subscription at any time. BECOME A STUDENT

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Cursus initiation

Cursus initiation

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