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Henri Chemin

Henri Chemin

Training Director

Doria Hamlaoui

Image manager

History of the school

A thrilling story begins just before the opening of our school in 2012, at heart of Paris. Henri Chemin, passionate and practicing esotericism for yearsyears, noted an urgent need: the unavailability of esoteric material from quality in France. He then decided to create an import company, thus breaking away fromwith economic interests which have put quality in the background over the years;years. It was during his multiple encounters with the French esoteric community and European, on the fringes of initiatory societies, that Henri Chemin makes a discovery disturbing. People are not only offered ineffective products, but they are also misguided, ignoring the teachings of ancient traditions. 

He then took the initiative to organize conferences and workshops to convey the  real uses of esoteric tools, and thus obtain convincing results. Convinced that the success of a magical operation does not rest solely on the material, Henri Chemin made a big decision in 2013: he decided to withdraw from his company to give birth to the International Mystery School (EMI).

Then begins an exciting decade, during which our team evolves in  permanence. First present in Paris, the EMI quickly expanded to Lyon, Geneva and Brussels, offering captivating seminars on esoteric sciences. The health crisisof 2019 marks a major turning point for the school, which transforms its courses into webinars accessible to all, without borders. This is how we had the privilege of meeting and welcoming West Indian, African and Quebec communities.and many others.

Right now, as we joyfully celebrate our tenth anniversary, EMI launches its first comprehensive course, offering in-depth study and an enriching practice of different esoteric disciplines. Under the leadershipby Henri Chemin, we have compiled a treasure trove of knowledge and practices at within a one-year program, offering our students the essential keys to their personal development.

Join us now at the International Mystery School, a  adventurepassion that has driven our team for so many years. We are waiting for youimpatiently!

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